Advanced Audio for Dreams and Relaxation

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24/7 Heart Rate Tracking

Keep tabs on your heart rate for better health insights.

Multi-Sport Modes

Track activities like walking, running, cycling, and more.

Personalized Display

Choose your own watch face to suit your style.

Sleep Monitoring

Track your sleep patterns to help improve your sleep quality.

Noise Control: Active noise cancellation for calls

Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth 5.3)

Material: Plastic

Headphone Features: Wireless, invisible design

Control Type: Call management

Cable Feature: Cable-free

Earbud Style: Closed-back

Age Range: Adult

Water Resistance Level: Not water-resistant

Microphone Type: Condenser microphone

Compatibility: Universal for mobile phones

Recommended Use: Gaming

Charging Port: Type-C

Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium-polymer

Sonixa Sleep Wireless Earphones

Charging Case with LED Display

Type-C Charging Cable

User Manual

1. Charging Earphones: Insert earphones into the charging case and connect the Type-C cable to charge.

2. Pairing: Turn on Bluetooth on your device and select the Sonixa Sleep Earphones to connect.

3. Wearing: Place earphones in your ears for a snug, invisible fit—ideal for side sleepers.

4. Controlling Calls and Music: Use smart touch controls on the earphones to manage calls, play, pause, or skip tracks.

5. Monitoring Battery: Check the LED display on the charging case to monitor battery levels.







Audio Excellence Redefined

Experience the SX ULTRA Max

All-Day Comfort

Ergonomic design with memory foam cushions for prolonged, comfortable listening sessions.

Extended Playtime

Relish in marathon listening with up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Immerse yourself with advanced ANC technology that adjusts to your environment.

Acoustic Precision

Deliver every note with crystal clarity through the high-resolution audio drivers.

Immersive Sound

Sculpted audio landscape that places you in the heart of the music. Experience the rich, detailed sound of SX Ultra Max.

Stay Focused

Adjustable diopter lenses offer personalized focusing power - so you can find your viewing sweet spot.

A Fitting Design

Easy to put on and take off. The proprietary dual-hinge fit design ensures both comfort and stability for different head shapes and sizes.

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How long is the battery life of SX Ultra Max?

Enjoy up to 20 hours of listening with SX Ultra Max, with quick charging for those in a hurry.

Can I use the SX Ultra Max with non-Apple devices?

Yes, SX Ultra Max pairs seamlessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including Android phones and Windows PCs.

Is it okay if SX Ultra Max gets sweaty?

Wipe your SX Ultra Max with a dry cloth after workouts. If they get wet, they might need a replacement.

How do I control the volume and playback on my SX Ultra Max?

Use the taps on the sides to play/pause and adjust volume. Tap gestures control your music and calls.

How do I switch between noise cancellation and ambient modes?

Simply tap the designated area on your SX Ultra Max to toggle between noise cancellation and transparency modes.

How do I set up my SX Ultra Max for the first time?

To set up your SX Ultra Max, make sure your device's Bluetooth is on, then hold the headphones close to the device to connect.

Can SX Ultra Max withstand rain exposure?

SX Ultra Max is not waterproof. To avoid damage, it's best not to expose them to rain.